Name: Blue

Rank: Loner wheeeeeeeeeeee

Appearance: Small, lithe, misty blue tom with icy-blue eyes. Small ears, short fur, and small paws.

Personality: Blue is vain, selfish, and mostly a jerk. He is sarcastic a lot, and is often over-confident about his abilities. He worries about himself, and disregards the needs of others. He is attracted to shiny things, like the stone on his necklace. When someone manages to befriend him, he is slightly friendly and pays attention to his friend's needs. He is often a smooth-talker, getting his way sometimes. He likes relaxing in Clan territories, angering the Clan cats. Unknown to him, he has a fourteen moon-old sister named Equinox.

Accessories: He wears a necklace with a thin black string holding a pretty green-blue stone.

Family: Mother and father are rogues. His foster mother was an elderly loner. His sister is Equinox, the leader of ShadeClan.

History: Blue was born a rogue. When the two abandoned him, he was only a week old, unable to hunt for himself. Fortunately for the tiny, unnamed kit, he was discovered by an elderly she-cat that cared for him. When she died, he was two moons old. She had taught him how to hunt by now. When he was four moons old, he discovered a necklace, the one he now wears. Since then, he has stashed a horde a shiny objects in his den on the wildflower-covered part of the ShadeClan moor. After a bit of persuasion from Kitnya, he moved to a different place. He currently lives in the Unclaimed Forest.

Extras: He is eight moons old.

RPed by Eevee