Name: Kitnya

Rank: Loner

Clan: She's a loner, although friendly with most Clans, and sometimes fighting or hunting alongside them. She is also considering joining StreamClan, but she knows then she would have to put her friendships in other Clans aside.

Appearance: Black she-cat with a very pale gray mark on her chest that looks a little like a heart with a squiggle coming off of the side and a white tail tip. She has striking, pure gold eyes. Her ears have orange tips, and she has very sharp teeth.

Personality: Friendly and easily excited, although she will usually stand up to anyone who insults her or her friends. She sometimes appears threatening to other cats, but isn't at all. She isn't the smartest, but cats like her anyway. She has a very mysterious and possibly dark side too. She enjoys visiting Clans to play with kits or tell them stories about the "alternate universe" she comes from.

Accessories: Sometimes wears a series of bows (or just one) in black, green, blue, or red around her tail.

Family: Unknown to anyone.

History: Nobody knows where she comes from. She claims to come from a different universe, but obviously that's not true.

Roleplayed by Maple