Name: Redtail

Clan: StreamClan

Rank: Deputy

Appearance: Redtail is a small, lithe russet tom with a redder, bushier tail, and a twisted jaw. His fur is short, and somewhat shiny. His underbelly is a slightly lighter shade of russet, with a small cream star-like mark on his chest. The fur around his neck is a bit longer and thicker than the rest of his pelt. He has a very thin white scar over his right eye. His eyes are a pale, beautiful foresty-green with pale sea-green speckles. He has small, soft, dark-grey tufts of fur behind his ears. On his twisted jaw, a bottom tooth sometimes shows.

Personality: Redtail is sweet, gentle, and honest. He sticks to what he thinks is right, even if it goes againt the Warrior Code. He can sometimes be rebellious, and a bit snappish if you push him. He can sometimes be clumsy and even lazy if it's early rising for him. He can sometimes get in the way trying to help a cat do something, but still tries to help any way he can. He can't talk very well due to his injury, so he stutters when he talks. Other Clans don't find him threatening because of this, but he fights well.

Family: Unknown; Not from the Clans.

History: Redtail mysteriously showed up at StreamClan's camp entrance as a tiny, newborn kit. His fur seemed to shimmer a bit when they took him in. After he was nursed to health, he grew to an apprentice. As an apprentice, he was playing on the rocks of the ShadeClan border's stream. He slipped and his jaw struck the rock. After being rescued by a couple of ShadeClan cats, the two angrily took him back to StreamClan. Redpaw was crying his head off. After his jaw had been healed, he was told that he would never be a warrior. He was determined to become one, and trained hard every day to become faster and stronger than the other apprentices; With his size and injury, this didn't happen, but Silverstar saw how hard he worked, and how determined he was to become a warrior. She made him a warrior, and the newly-named Redtail was then a warrior of StreamClan.

Extras: None

RPed by Mydvee