ShadeClan is a warrior Clan led by Equinox. This Clan belongs to Mydvee.


ShadeClan is a Clan mostly composed of small, lithe, swift cats, all better at running than the other Clans. They are mostly group fighters and hunters, often going to take down prey in two or more cats, and fighting back-to-back, defending each other. As I mentioned, they fight in groups. They usually preform everything at night, including hunting.

The TerritoryEdit

This Clan's territory is the wide-open moors with short grasses. Wildflowers grow on one half, where rabbits and mice are found, while the rest is pure, wide-open space, no trees, no flowers. Just an open stretch of grass. At night, this entire territory is illuminated by the moonlight that shines down on it, making it a beautiful silvery color.

The HistoryEdit

ShadeClan was a Clan led by Shadowstar. Unfortunately, he died due to being poisoned from a rabbit that was poisoned by a Twoleg. Afterwards, the Clan deputy was killed from a Twoleg's firestick. The Clan was then killed off or captured, being taken away.

Seasons later, a young cat with the qualities of being a good leader crossed the Spiritstone, a large blue rock that lies underground. When she slept by it, StarClan met her and gave her nine lives after she promised that she would keep the Clan safe.

Now, ShadeClan is a newer Clan, led by the nine-lived Equinox.

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The MembersEdit

Leader ~ Equinox

Deputy ~

Medicine Cat ~

Warriors ~

Apprentices ~

Queens and Kits ~