Name: Shady

Rank: Loner

Clan: None

Appearance: Dusky-black she-cat with a white face, grey hind paws with red toetips, a dark grey, barely-visible stripe running down her spine, pale white dapples along both flanks, and one dark, dull green eye and one light, sparkling blue one. A pale patch of fur in the shape of a heart is on the center of her chest. One side of the heart is pale white, while the other is a dark reddish-grey.

Personality: Shady has two much different personalities: One is light, friendly, bubbly, and lovable, while the other is dark, hateful, cold, and not-lovable. Her light side is like a whole other cat. Instead of fighting, it likes to reason with the other cat. She loves meeting new cats and hanging out with them. This side is chatty and adorable. That side is probably the friendliest you'll ever know. Her other side, the darker one, is cruel, willing to kill to get what she wants. She would rather be alone than be with others. This side never speaks. She only uses her tail and ears to talk. Shady can quickly change from the friendly side to the murderous side ,without her even knowing, in only a heartbeat.

Family: Unknown; Loners or rogues.

History: Shady was formerly a kittypet, but she was thrown out after viciously mauling a child in her Twoleh family. She was upset, but quickly got over being thrown out. She got rid of the collar and wandered, alone, as a loner.

Extras: None.

RPed by Eevee/Myd