Name: Silverstar

Rank: Leader

Clan: StreamClan

Appearance: Pretty light gray tabby she-cat with a white underbelly, chest, muzzle, paws, and tail. She also has a black mask surrounding her one light blue eye and one amber eye, and black ears. Her pelt is quite long.

Personality: She's a very fair leader, sweet, kind, and rewarding to good cats but not hesitant to punish cats who break the warrior code or fight threats to the Clan. She prefers to get quite involved with her Clan, helping out and making regular meetings, as well as often organizing the patrols herself. She likes to have normal conversations with her her clanmates, rather than only calling them over for important discussions. There are some cats she doesn't care for though. She doesn't easily start rivalries with other Clans, even when her warriors think she should, and is friendly to most cats.

Family: dead

History: When she was a kit, she was very quiet, although inside her head she got angry at anyone who said so, and told herself that one day she would be leader and she would show them. She seemed to practically transform when she was an apprentice, doing everything she could to help out the Clan and becoming a very skilled hunter and fighter. It was no surprise that when the deputy at that point, Bluecinder, turned out to be disloyal and traitorous, Silverstripe, now a young warrior, was appointed the new deputy.

RPed by Maple