Spotty's Clan! :D

Name: StreamClan

Characteristics: Living near the stream, they can fish, but not usually swim. They live off of many kinds of prey, but their favourites are the small fish that swim in their streams in warmer seasons. They are usually perceived as weak by other Clans, but they are more of peacemakers. They are quick to welcome any stray kittypets or loners to join their Clan, but most of them leave soon, finding the Clan is not to their taste. Cats of this Clan enjoy the sun, and most of them prefer staying in their dens on stormy days. 

Territory: They live in open feilds, criss-crossed with streams and flowers. Rabbits, mice, and sometimes small birds are very abundant in their territory. Their territory is rich with herbs, so cats aren't usually kept in the camp with sickness or injury for very long. A few trees are scattered around their territorry, but they prefer open spaces. Their camp is surrounded by thick undergrowth.

Leader: Silverstar