Things the admins are notEdit

  • your personal slaves
  • gods
  • normal users
  • robots

Things the admins are not part 2Edit

  • cupcakes

Things the admins areEdit

  • approachable, friendly users who know the rules and can help you

In order to get your cat approvedEdit

  • use good grammar in your form
  • do NOT beg the admins to accept your cats
  • fill out all form sections and be detailed
  • don't use a canon cat
  • give your cats both flaws and good sides
  • if you don't follow these rules creating your cat, the admins will decline your cats.
  • if you continue to ignore these and make annoying or offensive cats without fixing these problems the admins have told you about, you will get banned for a day. if you come back and CONTINUE making annoying cats, you will be banned for a week and eventually a year.

Basic rules of common etiquetteEdit

  • you may swear. not in RPs, and not exessively. please do not have every other word in your sentence be fuck or shit. don't swear for the purpose of offending or annoying people.
  • if someone says you are annoying or offending them, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING.
  • do not ship users with people they do not want to be shipped with, unless it is upon request.
  • please edit at least once a month.
  • if you want your cat to have a coded page or a picture, do it yourself.
  • spam and chain mail are NOT ALLOWED
  • do not threaten or otherwise mistreat or cyberbully admins.
  • no vandalising or spamming.
  • sockpuppeting without permission/telling others will get you banned
  • the consequence of breaking these rules will start with a one week ban, and the ban will become larger the more you continue to break these rules.